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Our Libau Manitoba Shop is located in Treaty 1 Territory; the traditional territory of the Cree, Oji-Cree, Dene, Dakota, and Anishinabek and the Homeland of the Métis Nation.
We acknowledge and respect the history, land and the people of these areas.

We encourage Indigenous artists to facilitate classes in our workshop, to create spaces for everyone to learn from each other in the spirit of reconciliation, and also provides techniques and traditional materials for artists to reclaim their lost culture.

Amber's love of the craft  begins back in Gillam Manitoba, where her family was stationed in the early 1970's. Being very interested, Amber was fortunate to have learned from some of the Elders there, but her  main mentor was a Metis gentleman in Lockport Manitoba. She later searched  further knowledge in Churchill, in a time when there were not a lot of traditional artists still creating.

Her passion for the art, and sharing the art is absolutely the utmost of importance to her, and it shows itself with how keen she is to teach and keep the art alive.

Today, she's got a group of talented multi cultural staff, and instructors whom also share her passion.  




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