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Here's a fun beginners bead kit for people of all ages. (Recommended 9 year's old and up.) Great project for individuals, groups or classroom studies. 

KIT INCLUDES: 28inch deer leather lace, 2 glass crow beads, 4 colors of 10/0 beads, leather backing, bead foundation, paper pattern, 3 beading needles, black thread, beading mat, and Instructional Video Tutorial on how to bead and assemble your Amulet. Beaded amulet is approx. 3 inches round. 

**The bear meaning and symbolism include:  strength, courage, protection, nobility, patience, playfulness, and other admirable traits. 

CLASSROOM Special Buy 15, get one FREE. Use coupon code at checkout:  BEADEDBEARPAW

Beaded Bear Paw Amulet Kit W/ free how-to video

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