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Using the images below please fill out and submit your kit choices for the Creative Moccasion Retreat at South Beach Casino Dec 9 - Dec 11.

** All inclusive includes accommodations in a double occupancy room.

Sizing Information (Foot Length & Foot Width in Inches):

  1. Step down on a piece of paper in stocking feet and trace the outline of your foot (if you have trouble touching your toes have a friend trace your foot for you)

  2. Use a ruler to measure the length of your foot from the longest toe to the back of your heel and record your measurement

 3.   Use the ruler to measure the widest part of the foot and record your measurement

Suede Options (boot)


Alternative option: Suede can also be used as an trim instead of Fur.

Fur Option Group 1 (Trim)

Fur Option Group 2 (Trim)


Fur Option Group 3 (Trim)

Melton Wool (Alternative Vamp Option)     

The vamp is the upper foot portion of the boot.  (pictured in blue melton wool fabric) This is also a softer fabric and easier to bead on for beginners.  

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